How do I get asked to pre-team?

We do a Star Search in April of each year. At our Star Search, our team coaches test gymnasts to see what her strengths and weaknesses are. We will then give a recommendation for a class that is best for her. Our coaches also test kids throughout the year who we feel have the strength and body awareness needed to be successful on pre-team. If you are wondering how your daughter is doing, please ask her coach!!

When does pre-team meet?

Monday 6:00-7:30PM & Wednesday 6:00-7:30PM year around

What is worked on in pre-team?

Our coaches spend a lot of time working on strength, body awareness, and body shaping to prepare the kids for team.

How long do kids spend on pre-team?

Most girls spend between 1-2 years on our pre-team before moving to our team.

Will my daughter still do Awards Day?

Instead of participating in our Awards Presentations throughout the year, our Pre-team gymnasts participate in a Rookie Meet held at the gym in January!

Can my daughter do other competitions?

Competing Level 2 at 2 or 3 other meets throughout the year is also an option for our pre-team gymnasts. We have a meeting each fall to give out information and find out who is interested.

How do you invite to team?

We test the kids in the spring to decide who is ready to be successful in our team programs and who could benefit from another year in pre-team.